The Pope Also Wants to Hang Out with Matt Damon and Oprah - Vanity Fair

When you're the super-popular religious figurehead, why don't you utilize it to produce several famous friends?

Pope Francis--the cool Pope, the particular progressive Pope, the actual Pope whom threw on the gauntlet upon global warming--is well-liked adequate that will even godless heathens just like him. .

O.K., much more accurately, Hollywood is originating for you to him. According to Your The show biz industry Reporter, the Pope can be courting a variety of Hollywood power players for visits towards the Vatican this fall; your shortlist reportedly includes Ari Emanuel, Oprah Winfrey, Brian Grazer, David Geffen, along with Matt Damon, which officially cements his status since the Pride of Boston. Therefore what does the particular Pope do now that will he's achieved near-universal approval? He's planning to Hollywood. It's unclear that will consider the Pope up around the offer, specifically since, given the nature associated with Hollywood egos, you could imagine a few of these shrugging as well as declaring "I'm more important compared to Pope" as well as moving on.

From (Oprah, Damon); Through Lisa Maree Williams (Pope Francis).

This is way from your very first time the actual Pope provides provided his attention to entertainment-industry figures--both Angelina Jolie and Darren Aronofsky sought his blessing upon their particular current films, as well as His Holiness will be reportedly considering impacting the way the Catholic Church can be portrayed within Western media. Offered the actual impending relieve Spotlight, the drama about the Boston priest abuse scandals, it's most likely your perfect period for your Catholic Church's most popular figurehead to make several The display biz industry connections

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